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Catering Menu

muffin basket

6.0 per person - your choice of sweet or savoury muffins, or a combination.  

protein pick me up

6.0 per person - selection of bircher muesli, chia puddings, yoghurt + granola w/fruit compote pots.  

lunch platter

13.5 per person - tasty range of savoury lunch items including sandwiches, rolls, wraps + frittatas, served w/ seasonal fruit.  


9.0/13.0 per person - talk to us about the salads on offer for the week - have as is,
or add a protein: * chicken * halloumi * tofu.  

from the main menu

we can cater up to ten orders from the main café menu for your specified meeting time, prices as listed.  

something sweet

8.0 per person - selection including brownies, bliss balls, banana bread, biscuits + seasonal fruit.

please provide
24 hours min for
orders + specify
any dietary

if you would like
something not listed,
let us know + we’ll
do our best
to accommodate

place your
order at the café
or email

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